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Presidents Message:

Thank you for visiting our career opportunities page. As the founder and active mortgage loan originator with 26 years in the corporate environment, I can tell you that becoming a mortgage broker company in 2009 has been our best choice. Under the current compliance regulations, we provide our originators with the best choices for loan placement based on the particular loan type. Our first 7 years were with a net branch mortgage lender company, who in September of 2009 deceived us on their financial standing, filed for bankruptcy without notice to its branch managers, and kept all the funds in our reserve account. During the 90 days it took for our licensing in 2009, we associated ourselves with a direct mortgage lender with full endorsement capabilities. If the loan did not meet their risk tolerance, the loan was dead and when we did close a loan it took 4 weeks to get paid.

This situation placed our team in a very difficult position; however, I am proud to say that our team weathered the storm and met all our outstanding obligations to our customers and associates. During this process I learned that the best business model to provide clients with the program that truly meets their needs is as a broker. I have experienced that being able to provide multiple programs through various lenders is also the best choice. At Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation® we understand that as a lender you need to be engaged in the activities resulting in originations. As a lender, at Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation,® you will have access to our experienced in house processors for each product line.

Our experienced team has been working together since 2002 and our common goal is to support your needs and your success. I pride myself on compensating all lenders in a timely manner as soon as their loans close within our W-2 payroll system. As an active loan originator I understand your needs. I understand you need to be originating not wasting your time doing non-selling functions! You have many choices in the marketplace; I hope you make Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation® your Choice!

Thank You,

Mario A. Quintero

Vision & Future Plans:

We are currently licensed in the entire state of Florida. If you currently are a team leader or have been considering forming your own team in Florida, we would love to hear what your plans are and evaluate a possible match with Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation.®

Employee Benefits:

We currently offer all our full time employees & loan originators Group Medical Plans individual & family health plans with 50% employee company contribution. In 2014 we added Group Life Insurance as an option. All originators have the option to plug into all our company marketing, lead generation systems and social media programs.

Who we are looking for:

Licensed Mortgage Loan Originators with a minimum of 2+ years experience and a track record for closing residential mortgage loans, Conventional, FHA, Jumbo, Foreign Nationals who would be a mutual fit within our organization. We will offer you the opportunity to plug into our realtor lead generation program on a county by county basis. If you would like to learn how to originate and close Reverse Mortgages we will teach you!

If you are a Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator with a minimum 2+ years year’s experience and a track record for closing reverse mortgages, than welcome home! If you are not maximizing your potential with this loan program we will show you how. We are a recognized leader in this field and actively attend the NRMLA bi-annual meetings with memberships in FL. We can help you grow your reverse mortgage business.

Commercial Loan Officer with a minimum of 5+ years experience. This position is for an independent self-motivator that already understands and has originated commercial loans. If you are tired of the corporate environment and have always wanted to become an independent entrepreneur in the commercial loan industry then Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation® is the place for you.


Mario Quintero, President & Mortgage Loan Originator

By Referral Only… means we invest 100% of our time delivering first class service to our customers. As a result, our valued customers, colleagues, and friends refer their family members, coworkers, neighbors and other people they know to us for advice on any aspect of reverse mortgage financing. It is our burning desire to build a business based on strong, lasting, lifelong relationships, one person at a time, through confidence and trust. I look forward to hearing from you and I can be contacted via email

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